Module ruma::events::poll

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Available on crate features events and unstable-msc3381 only.
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Modules for events in the m.poll namespace (MSC3381).

This module also contains types shared by events in its child namespaces.


  • Types for the m.poll.end event.
  • Types for the m.poll.response event.
  • Types for the m.poll.start event.
  • Types for the org.matrix.msc3381.poll.end event, the unstable version of m.poll.end.
  • Types for the org.matrix.msc3381.poll.response event, the unstable version of m.poll.response.
  • Types for the org.matrix.msc3381.poll.start event, the unstable version of m.poll.start.


  • The data from a poll response necessary to compile poll results.