pub type RedactedVoiceEvent = RedactedMessageLikeEvent<RedactedVoiceEventContent>;
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An org.matrix.msc3245.voice.v2 event that has been redacted.

Aliased Type§

struct RedactedVoiceEvent {
    pub content: RedactedVoiceEventContent,
    pub event_id: OwnedEventId,
    pub sender: OwnedUserId,
    pub origin_server_ts: MilliSecondsSinceUnixEpoch,
    pub room_id: OwnedRoomId,
    pub unsigned: RedactedUnsigned,


§content: RedactedVoiceEventContent

Data specific to the event type.

§event_id: OwnedEventId

The globally unique event identifier for the user who sent the event.

§sender: OwnedUserId

The fully-qualified ID of the user who sent this event.

§origin_server_ts: MilliSecondsSinceUnixEpoch

Timestamp in milliseconds on originating homeserver when this event was sent.

§room_id: OwnedRoomId

The ID of the room associated with this event.

§unsigned: RedactedUnsigned

Additional key-value pairs not signed by the homeserver.