Derive Macro ruma_macros::EventContent

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    // Attributes available to this derive:
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Generates an implementation of ruma_events::EventContent.

Also generates type aliases depending on the kind of event, with the final Content of the type name removed and prefixed added. For instance, a message-like event content type FooEventContent will have the following aliases generated:

  • type FooEvent = MessageLikeEvent<FooEventContent>
  • type SyncFooEvent = SyncMessageLikeEvent<FooEventContent>
  • type OriginalFooEvent = OriginalMessageLikeEvent<FooEventContent>
  • type OriginalSyncFooEvent = OriginalSyncMessageLikeEvent<FooEventContent>
  • type RedactedFooEvent = RedactedMessageLikeEvent<FooEventContent>
  • type RedactedSyncFooEvent = RedactedSyncMessageLikeEvent<FooEventContent>

You can use cargo doc to find out more details, its --document-private-items flag also lets you generate documentation for binaries or private parts of a library.