Module ruma_common::api

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Core types used to define the requests and responses for each endpoint in the various Matrix API specifications.

When implementing a new Matrix API, each endpoint has a request type which implements IncomingRequest and OutgoingRequest, and a response type connected via an associated type.

An implementation of IncomingRequest or OutgoingRequest contains all the information about the HTTP method, the path and input parameters for requests, and the structure of a successful response. Such types can then be used by client code to make requests, and by server code to fulfill those requests.


  • This module contains types for all kinds of errors that can occur when converting between http requests / responses and ruma’s representation of matrix API requests / responses.


  • Metadata about an API endpoint.
  • The complete history of this endpoint as far as Ruma knows, together with all variants on versions stable and unstable.


  • Authentication scheme used by the endpoint.
  • The direction to return events from.
  • The Matrix versions Ruma currently understands to exist.
  • An enum to control whether an access token should be added to outgoing requests
  • A versioning “decision” derived from a set of Matrix versions.


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